My Views Regarding Kernel Vs. Userspace

John Heim jheim at
Fri Aug 10 12:59:27 EDT 2007

From: "Gene Collins" <collins at>
> Hi Ace!  No Speakup in user space wouldn't have been able to help you
> solve your problem.  In my not so humble opinion, those who are whining
> about speakup not needing to be in user space are just full of it and
> don't have the technical knowledge to express such an opinion.  Most of
> them still think from a Windows mind set where they are used to being
> told, "no, we can't give you access to that."

That is not true. If anything, the opposite is closer to the truth. Most of 
the people who think speakup could reside entirely in user space are so 
knowledgable that they don't need to see boot messages. There are other ways 
of figuring things out like examining the logs.

My opinion is that while it may be theoretically possible to get along 
without access to boot messages, it's not practical. Blind people already 
have enough trouble competing for jobs and  not having access to boot 
messages would be a significant  new hurdle to over come.

Also, to be fair, I don't think  anybody on this list argued that blind 
people don't really need access to boot messages except in terms of 
suggesting alternatives.   At least this is what I think the intention was. 
And, after all, that is useful information to have.

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