running speakup and software synth

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Sat Aug 11 05:53:09 EDT 2007

That's vague. If I boot my debian disk I won't have speechd-up nor will I 
have speech dispatcher, so again, does a debian bootable isntall disk have 
software speech already on the disk or will I have to get a hardware synth 
to install.

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> you can use an installer, but you'll have to debootstrap.
> just get speechd-up and speechd-dispatcher I think. and read some docs and
> configure, and you're good to go.
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>> Hi,
>>  So I hear speakup will work with a software synth like festival. Is 
>> there
>> a way I can grab a debian installer and type in a command at the boot
>> prompt and have speakup come up running festival or some software synth?
>> If so, what should I type and what site should I go to to get the debian
>> install disk
>> Cody
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