speakup, 2.6.22, and the way forward

Nick Gawronski nick at nickgawronski.com
Thu Aug 9 13:13:37 EDT 2007

Hi, Is the gid tree program better then CVS or SVN and do you think that the 
v22 and v24 stuff will be removed from speakup at some point for the current 
release once it is ready for 2.6.22?  It would really save on download time 
for both dial up and broad band users.  As 2.6 is the latest kernel and 
works on older hardware as well leaving the support for 2.2 and 2.4 if it no 
longer patches in really makes no sence.  Where can I download the gid tree 
software client and server so I can have a look at it?  Which version 
control system is better cvs, svn, or gid tree?
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> Hi Nick.  Git is a version control system like svn and cvs.  We are
> switching to git because that is what the kernel people are using now
> days.  The v2.2 and v2.4 diffs are still in cvs because Kirk hasn't found
> the time to remove them, although speakup in cvs is no longer backwards
> compatible with kernels beyond 2.6.21.  You have to understand that
> the kernel folks don't necessarily maintain backwards compatibility
> across kernel versions.  You can get older cvs versions of speakup by
> providing a date for kernels back to version 2.6.12, but not earlier.
> For 2.4 kernels, you need the speakup 2.0 tarball.  I don't know if the
> speakup 1.5 tarball will still work with 2.2 kernels or not.  Hope
> this helps.
> Gene
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