streaming at double speed

John covici covici at
Wed Aug 8 12:54:45 EDT 2007

Works fine for me -- using Gentoo, however.

on Wednesday 08/08/2007 Chuck Hallenbeck(chuckh at wrote
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 > I expect others here are using mplayer to access audio or multimedia
 > streams. In the last couple of weeks, streams which had been working
 > normally are suddenly being reproduced at double speed on my system
 > (Debian Sid, with frequent upgrades). Here is an example of such a
 > stream:
 > rtsp://
 > and here another one:
 > mms://
 > If your mplayer works for audio streams, would you please try those two
 > and see if they work for you? I don't have a clue as to where to start
 > looking for the solution, other than to sign up for the mplayer mailing
 > list.
 > Chuck
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