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To fix the network problem, you have to make sure your ethernet card's
driver is loaded before the firewire network driver. that happens on
most systems, but there are some cases where it doesn't. To fix it, add
the module for your network card to /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6.
That will cause the driver to load before the hotplug stuff happens,
which will ensure it gets eth0.

William Hubbs wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> In answer to your first question, the command is
> useradd -m -G users,usb,cdrom -s /bin/bash id
> Note that the g is upper case.
> In regards to the secodnd question, I will take a look into that (I
> haven't had the problem myself), or maybe someone else can assist you
> with that.
> Thanks,
> On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 04:09:49PM -0600, Nick Gawronski wrote:
>> Hi, Following the handbook which does not work properly what command do I 
>> use to add a user on my gentoo system.  If I type useradd -m -g 
>> users,usb,cdrom -s /bin/bash it says invalid newmaric argument.  Also I am 
>> having an odd problem eth0 is detected as my firewire card and eth1 is my 
>> real network card.  How do I change the system to use eth1 rather then eth0? 
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