Antwort: Re: no braille support in orca and fc7?

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu Aug 2 10:56:24 EDT 2007

Hello, Marco:

OK. I do not use braille myself, but I believe the following is correct.
I've cc'd Dave Mielke on this email because I don't believe he monitors
this list, and he is the authority on brltty.

1.)	For braille support in Orca I am certain you want the very
latest brltty and also brlapi. While both of these are available from
Fedora repositories, the ones Fedora provides are not the latest and may
not be new enough to support Orca. There was considerable work a few
months ago to clear up issues of braille support on Orca, so I'm quite
certain yhou really do want the most recent versions.

You can find the binary rpm of brltty-3.8.1 and brlapi-0.5.0 on the brltty home page:

You may need the brlapi-python rpm as well--I just don't know for sure.

To my recollection Pyrex is only required to build brlapi, but if my
memory is incorrect, please note that Pyrex is available on Fedora

Name   : Pyrex
Arch   : noarch
Version: 0.9.4
Release: 4.fc7
Size   : 394 k
Repo   : fedora
Summary: A compiler/language for writing Python extension modules.
Pyrex is Python with C types.  It is specially designed to allow you to
write extension modules for Python that have the speed of C and the
simplicity and readability of Python.  You write your code in a
language with C-typed variables, then use the pyrexc compiler to
it into a C representation.  This is useful for speeding up critical
of your Python code or wrapping an external library.
Good luck!


marco.fisch at writes:
> Hi Janina,
> i startet as user Marco after i configured brltty as user root.
> then i typed orca -t
> I was choosing the syntesizer etc. enabled braille support. loged in gnome
> and startet orca. It said welcome to orca, but the braille display doesn't
> work.
> What's here my problem. Is there a package which is required? I read about
> python-Pyrex but i couldn't find that on a respository.

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