strange network card issue in debian etch

Nick Gawronski nick at
Wed Aug 1 23:46:16 EDT 2007

Hi, I am having a very odd issue with a realtek 8139 network card on my 
debian etch system.  The card use to work just fine until I upgraded 
one of my windows xp professional drivers.  The card still works on 
windows xp professional service pack 2 with Internet explorer 7 and all 
updates.  Until I installed this update to windows I was able to use 
the network card in debian to get on line.  Now all I get is that the 
dhcp server is not working.  I can telnet to port 67 and I 
get the message network is unreachable.  If I try to telnet to another 
address or do anything else on the Internet I get the message from 
telnet when I telnet to a host telnet name or service not known.  Could 
the upgrade of the windows driver burned new firmware on my network 
card and now linux does not work with it?  My system is a system with 
removable hard drives so windows does not see linux and linux does not 
see windows but I think windows caused this issue with my network card. 
Any help would be great! thanks in Advance Nick Gawronski

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