a quick and easy backup program?

Jan Buchal buchal at brailcom.org
Sun Feb 26 13:30:02 EST 2006

>>>>> "KR" == Kirk Reiser <kirk at braille.uwo.ca> writes:

    KR> That's why using rsync is a really good idea. Also using cp -a
    KR> usually only misses dotfiles in the starting directory so you
    KR> can bypass that problem by starting with cp -a /* I believe.
    KR> It's been so long since I used cp -a that I can't remember
    KR> anymore. Rsync is your friend for large or careful transfers
    KR> between systems or just directories.
Yes, rsync is good solution. I see it as little bit complicate.... I had
some time some permission problem with rsync. I think that rsync is good
for backup and synchronisation.


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