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Sat Feb 25 00:10:57 EST 2006

Also, I used to have some issues where the fan would get extremely 
loud but, ever since we flashed my BIOS with an update, this has not 
been a problem.  The system used to actually shut off at times 
because I believe it was over heated; however, as I said, ever since 
the flash update, this problem has disappeared.  Or, any noticeable 
traces of it have.

At 11:42 PM 2/24/2006, you wrote:
>On Thu, 23 Feb 2006, ace wrote:
> > Also, how does one fix the problem with Speakup not saying words with
> > apostrophes properly?  For instance, it says haven t instead of the
> > proper pronunciation.  I have a DECTalk Express.  This does not occur
> > with Double Talk synthesizers.
>Unfortunately, this seems to be a bug that nobody has figured out how to
>fix.  It happens with the Dectalk Express as well as the Dectalk USB in
>RS232 mode.  It also effects the Dectalk PC.  I would guess that it has
>something to do with the exact way text is sent to the synthesizer.
>As to your other question, have you over-clocked your CPU by any chance?
>I've never gotten any messages like that, but I suspect that you are
>getting it from the kernel option called "machine check exception."  You
>could turn it off, but that would only mask what sounds like a problem
>which may bite you later.
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