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Hi.  Ok we got it this time.  Now I think I'll have a good look at the 
manual.  Itlooks quite interesting.  I am fairly experienced with ed 
because I still use it for making quick changes to things when I'm 
making changes to files and stuff.
On Thu, 23 Feb 2006, Charles Hallenbeck 

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> I had to get the pcre3 and pcre3-dev libraries (that stands for perl
> compatible regular expressions) from the Debian repositories with
> apt-get to compile it.
> As for being root, you do not need to be root to compile it, as long as
> you have it in a directory where you have write permissions.  In my case
> I unpacked it under /usr/local/src, so of course I had to be root to
> compile it there.
> For most packages, there is a "make install" step that moves some files
> to places where root privileges are required, so normally you would
> become root in order to do "make install". But with this package, there
> is no "make install". You will have to copy the executable that results
> from a successful compile to a directory on your path, such as
> /usr/local/bin, and for that you will need to be root.
> There is a binary package that would save you the compile, but I am not
> sure whether the manual and sample config file comes with it since I
> have not used it. The following two links are to the manual in html
> format, and to the binary precompiled verion, called "ee" (that's
> double-e)
> Chuck
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