speakup and usb keyboards?

Lorenzo Taylor lorenzo at taylor.homelinux.net
Thu Feb 23 09:55:49 EST 2006

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Hmm.  This is very odd.  If USB keyboard support is enabled in your
bios, it should actually work independent of a kernel driver until the
kernel driver is loaded.  At that time, control is transfered to the
kernel driver, so there should be no delay before you are able to shutup
speakup.  The keymap, as far as I know, should also be loaded by the
time Speakup starts speaking.  I have plugged my USB keyboard into both
my desktop and my laptop, both with no delay between the time Speakup
starts speaking and the time I can shut it up.  But maybe the problem is
caused by the fact that you are using Speakup compiled into your kernel
and I am using it as modules.  It is possible that there is a break in
USB keyboard support between the time the kernel image starts to load
and the time the Speakup modules are loaded that I am unable to detect
because my Speakup modules are being loaded slightly later in the boot
process.  In that case, you may want to reconfigure your kernel with HID
support compiled in.  HID is the kernel name for USB keyboard/mouse

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