speakup and usb keyboards?

Tyler Spivey tspivey at pcdesk.net
Wed Feb 22 19:47:49 EST 2006

I've noticed a minor annoyance with Speakup and my USB Keyboard. Note
that I haven't tested with any other keyboard, but I can only get
speakup to be silent after the keyboard driver has loaded. This is fine,
but I would like an option so that speakup can be silent when it first
boots; without having to echo something to /proc/speakup/synth_name if I
set the synth keyword to none at boot. I'm proposing an option that will
keep speakup shut off (print screen mode), then you could just turn it
on with print screen once the computer booted or you needed it for
I don't have the kernel coding skills needed to make a patch, or I would
do so.


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