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how do I upgrade from 1.8 to 2.0 on my dectalk external?
and do I need the phone line to serial cable to get it working?
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> Hi Jim.  As far as I know, the DecTalk external has only been tested
> with version 2.0 of the firmware.  If you power up your DecTalk external
> and you hear the test dial tones followed by "DecTalk 2.0 is running.",
> then you definitely have a dectalk external that will work.
> To other folks on the list, there seems to be some confussion for some
> of you about what is a dectalk external, and what is a dectalk express. 
> The difference is that the old external dectalk is a big box about 4
> inches high, about 18 inches long, and about 12 inches wide.  It does
> not have an ac adapter, but uses a standard grounded power cable.
> The express is about 1.5 inches thick, about 8 inches long, and about  4
> inches  wide.  It uses an adapter cable with a power brick on the wall
> end.  I hope this helps clear up some confussion.
> Gene
>>Ok here is the question when we speak of the dectalk external how far
>>back in firmware do we go.
>>I got a clasic model here version 2.0.  the faq reports that the dectalk
>>external works with speakup.  It says external or express so I am
>>assuming here that we are speaking of the dectalk clasic model also.
>>This device supports indexing while the one x serize does not. 
>>Thanks a bundle. 
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