installing Slackware or debian via telnet?

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Wed Feb 22 00:49:26 EST 2006

how do you start software speech with grml?

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> On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 12:33:51 PM -0700, Jacob Schmude wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I need to install Linux  on a computer to act as a server.  
>> Unfortunately, the system is without serial ports and sighted  
>> assistance is not, repeat not, available. I've tried installing  
>> fedora core 4 via telnet, but the NIC on this system which has an  
>> nVidia NForce chipset is not one of the drivers loaded when doing a  
>> telnet install. Is there any way to install either slackware or  
>> debian via telnet?
> You might try using the trml live cd. It supports both software speech
> from the live cd and starting up an ssh server with boot parameters.
> Once you have the live cd up and running you can then bootstrap a debian
> install on the hard drive. I'm not sure about installing grml to the hd
> though because then AFAICT its not a straight upgrade path to a debian
> system. If you absolutely need telnet rather than ssh I think you can
> start the telnet service from the boot prompt as well, but I don't know
> how off hand.
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