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ace ace at freedomchat.org
Mon Feb 20 02:33:43 EST 2006

Thanks, Gene.  My girlfriend and I have narrowed down the problem 
thanks to your servers.  I am able to hear her but she is unable to 
hear me.  She connected to your echo server and could not hear 
herself; however, I could when I tried.  So there is an audio problem 
or somethigng on her end preventing her from hearing the incoming 
data.  She says that the firewall is off.  Could it be a router?  She 
is on broadband.

At 02:05 AM 2/20/2006, you wrote:
>Hi.  The Speakup reflecter is now at gene3.ait.iastate.edu:4074.  The
>look who's listening server is at http://gene3.ait.iastate.edu/lwl.html.
>The reflecter page is at http://gene3.ait.iastate.edu/speakup.html.
>The echo server is gene3.ait.iastate.edu with no port number.  HOpe this
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>Speakup at braille.uwo.ca

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