help with no sound?

Tyler Littlefield compgeek13 at
Sun Feb 19 19:40:15 EST 2006

its pci... and I am not sure. it came with the comp.
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> On Sun, Feb 19, 2006 at 08:56:53AM -0700, Tyler Littlefield wrote:
>> and alsa works, it just doesn't detect the 
>> sound, where from here?
> That's one heck of a contradiction, since if alsa doesn't detect the
> soundcard, it doesn't work.
> You didn't post what errors you got when trying to set the sound
> controls, so I will assume that you know for sure that alsa doesn't
> detect the soundcard. For starters, what soundcard do you have, and
> did you check on to see if it's supported? I know
> there's an alsa howto, and I believe it's on Did you look
> for it and read it? I am assuming also that your card is connected to
> the isa or usb bus, since if it's pci, it would be detected, unless
> alsa doesn't support your card, or unless you don't have the modules
> you need loaded.
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