Speakup Manual-and-other things?

Hart Larry chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Sun Feb 19 11:35:26 EST 2006

I was looking around /proc/speakup  and found a file called "ex_num"  The file 
seems to be empty?  I did a google search for
speakup ex_num
I was lead to a 56-page user guide which mentions all the files in that 
directory.  Since I couldn't find an explanation of what this item does, I want 
to suggest 2 similar things.  First, I notice if I type
man speakup
There is no command.  I think having a man page, especially for folks who are 
new, would be quite valuable.
Next, please consider a help system.  For example,
help ex-num
A discription of that particular item would follow.
Lastly, having more to do with linux in general-and-tcsh
in particular, is their a way to have tab completion work
on man pages?  We grabbed bash completions from yum, but even in bash, has 
little change.  Basicly, it would be great to type
man and first letters of a program or script.  I would provide a matching list.
Thanks in advance for listening

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