Speak Freely

ace ace at freedomchat.org
Sat Feb 18 15:02:49 EST 2006


I am not having any luck with this at all.  I am not sure if using 
the official version versis the modified version makes much of a 
difference, either.  I first set up a reflector on a box that is 
always online.  My girlfriend and I then connect to it with the 
Windows clients to test.  She could speak and I could hear her; 
however, whenever I spoke, she could not hear me.  I cannot be 
heard.  When we tried it under Linux: first, my mic isn't muted so I 
hear the damned echo whenever I talk into it; secondly, she couldn't 
hear me and I could not hear her.  The Linux version gave no 
indication as to whether I was connected or not; all it displayed was 
to press the space bar to speak and . for text chat.  In either case, 
I really wish to use Linux but voice chatting is one thing I do on a 
regular basis, so it is crucial that I have an application that 
works.  I got my email working and everything else; this is the only 
issue remaining.  If anyone has any suggestions or alternative 
programs that I can try, I would appreciate the input.  Thanks.


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