Heidelberg Installation Questions

Gary gmh_speakup at hartzell.us
Fri Feb 17 22:24:08 EST 2006

I just had a machine built for the sole purpose of running Linux, and
decided to go with Heidelberg (FC3).  I also purchased a good soundcard
(Soundblaster Odegy 4) because I could use the Festival software

So, I ordered the four installation cd's and am ready to begin.  Except it
seems like there is nowhere where all the instructions are put in the
proper order.  From what I understand, I will need to:

1. Install Heidelberg
2. Install Speech Dispatcher.
3. Install speechD-Up
4. Install Festival

Is this correct, or are steps 2-4 already done for me?  The installation
instructions implied that I would be installing it myself using a hardware
synth, but I prefer to use a software synth and will have sighted

Also, I thought I read that SpeakUp and a software synth could be started
automatically, except after login (which is fine).  Is this true?

Any advice on the proper steps I will need to take greatly appreciated!


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