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It does have javascript support, which is selectable from the command 
line. The support is not complete, but it selectively implements a few 
critical functions. The manual is well written and discusses these 
issues pretty thoroughly.

Your other question is definitely a "no". There are no advantages here 
for persons wishing to create html documents, except that once you have 
produced a raw html document, you can convert it to a browsable form and 
get very helpful diagnostics on the fly. The browsable form is read-only 
if the original is html, so to fix it, you have to "unbrowse" it and 
repair the html. But it's up to the user to know how to write html.

It's not a perfect solution for everything, but it is a real step 
forward for many tasks. 


On Sun, Feb 12, 2006 at 07:08:11PM -0700, Gregory Nowak wrote:
> I'll admit to not having looked at the docs for this, but I don't
> suppose the browser part of it can deal with javascript? Also, when
> editing html, does the editor portion have the ability to recognize
> heading, paragraphs, and so on, and is it then able to automatically
> put in the html tags needed to generate an html page, so that someone
> not familiar with html can nevertheless produce a simple set of html
> pages with the editor?
> Greg
> On Sun, Feb 12, 2006 at 05:38:51PM -0800, Tyler Spivey wrote:
> > I also use this program for most of my web browsing under Linux. I don't
> > use its email features, because mutt is superior to it, and so is vim
> > when you want to edit character-based text. I used to be a die-hard ed
> > fan, but now I'm a mixed edbrowse/vim fan, so everything is going to
> > plan. If you need any help, let me know and I might be able to answer
> > your question.
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