2.6 Debian speakup install cd?

Jacob Schmude j.schmude at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 21:28:41 EST 2006

Hi All

I've got an AMD64 system I'd like to install Debian on.  
Unfortunately, te speakup install cd, while containing a 2.6 kernel,  
seems to only have a speakup-enabled 2.4 kernel. My motherboard has  
an nVidia NForce3 250gb chipset on it, most of which is not supported  
by the 2.4 series kernel included in Debian. In particular, I'm  
lacking support for my nVidia SATA chip as well as my IDE controller-- 
also nVidia, both of which are rather important. I assumed the ide- 
generic would take care of my IDE support for the cd drive, but it  
Does anyone have a speakup-enabled debian 2.6 install cd? Or failing  
that, are any 2.6-based distributions aside from Fedora Core 3 and  
Gentoo speakup-enabled? I don't think I'm going to reinstall Gentoo  
here, as it broke itself completely when I did a world update,  
resulting in my need to reinstall linux here--the world update broke  
portage, which broke the service init scripts, and I can't even get  
portage to run in order to fix it.


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