speechd-up debian package

Marcel Oats moats at orcon.net.nz
Sun Feb 5 21:53:56 EST 2006

Hey I literally downloaded the latest version of GRML this morning, so will 
try it.
Incidentally, I cannot get this to compile under Fedora so am reinstalling 
the speakup-enabled distro from scratch.  I'm not that good at compiling 
sources yet, and, unless I'm missing something, think freebsoft should make 
RPMs available.

I want speakup to use the internal soundcard.  I'd quite like to get 
gnopernicus working as well, but we won't go there, hence the hopeful 
Marcel Oats

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* Gregory Nowak <greg at romuald.net.eu.org> wrote:

> I seem to recall that there is a debian package for speechd-up,
> however, I can't find it in either the debian official repository, nor
> on the freebsoft site. Is there such a thing, or is my mind playing
> tricks on me? Thanks.

I've packaged it and it's included in grml live-cd.
The debian package is available via http://grml.org/repos/

JFYI: I'll update the package to the new released version 0.3 in the
next few days.

HTH && regards,
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