A Linux Laptop including speech?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Sun Feb 5 16:06:07 EST 2006

Hi everyone,
I realize that laptops have been discussed in the past, but I am unsure if 
my specific goals were addressed.
for a rather unusual reason I must obtain a laptop that will have 
functional clear speech and allow me to work as I normally do with my 
computer.  I do not have a Linux DOS as of yet, but would need to find 
this with the absolute least amount of tampering possible because I am 
short on time.
I prefer dectalk speech, but to be honest I have not heard the synthesizer 
alternatives for Linux.  I am not a windows user, so do not want a duo 
system unless 
it is a Linux Dos one, or a Linux mac one if this is even possible.
I also have a limited budget grin.
Any ideas as to where i might begin?
I am also weighing the option of a mac laptop, or a windows one stripped 
down to work  with DOS only.
Any wisdom welcome on or off list.

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