Speech-dispatcher taking up my sound card

mikster4 at msn.com mikster4 at msn.com
Thu Feb 2 19:44:51 EST 2006

I am using speech-dispatcher 0.6 for software output, with festival using 
ALSA. When ever I try and use any software that is using OSS for sound, it 
always complains that the sound card is busy. If I set speech-dispatcher to 
use OSS it stops anything else from using the sound card. This is so even 
when no speech is being produced (e.g. when I have silenced speakup). I 
don't remember this was so in speech-dispatcher 0.5, is there a setting I 
have not noticed in 0.6, or will my answer be to go back to 0.5?
Michael Whapples

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