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I don't know how hard it would be to get Linux on a notetaker, but it sure 
does not matter what O S it is using now.
Whatever the O S is, it will have to be wiped out to make room for the new O 
I think it would take a dedicated team to get it going.
You might need to know the detailed information on the chip sets inside, and 
some data might need decoding.
It is beyond my ability, but this is the same concept that the open source 
RockBox uses to port into the devices that are running a different firmware.
I think that if there is a way to upgrade the Braille Note, there is a way 
to over-write it's O S.  But it might take some cooperation from HumanWare.
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Hi all,

No, the BrailleNote's OS is Window-CE, but it's interface is
proprietory.  You cannot put Linux on it.  You can, however use BrlTTY
with a PC running Linux.  Sorry, but that's the story.

Ann P.

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