Linux on BrailleNotes

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Wed Feb 1 18:25:21 EST 2006

why would someone want linux on an ipod? its made for music, not an os. 
Sorry, but I miss the point, if you can make it read the thing to you cool, 
I got a 30 gb ipod here that would be awesome if we could do that with, but, 
I don't see any other reason for putting linux on it. It would be like 
turning the blt 40 into a server.
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> and to further point out, consumers all that that the ipod was
> propiritary and we got linux on that didn't we? (we meaning the linux
> community as a whole)
> On Feb 1, 2006, at 6:32 AM, Ann K. Parsons wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> No, the BrailleNote's OS is Window-CE, but it's interface is
>> proprietory.  You cannot put Linux on it.  You can, however use BrlTTY
>> with a PC running Linux.  Sorry, but that's the story.
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