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What interface is proprietary?  I just don't get this repeated "you can't" 
from multiple authors in this thread.  A small Linux distro with newly 
written device drivers for hardware specifics should do it.  Sure, it's not 
already out there but, look, Linux runs on lots of hardware platforms and 
many of them have unique hardware to manage.  For example, I have it running 
here on a desktop, laptop, AMD server, wireless router, and a VoIP/SIP 
telephone set.  These certainly have proprietary hardware interfaces.  What 
part of Linux and open source in general isn't understood here?

Jim Kutsch
Morristown, NJ

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Hi all,

No, the BrailleNote's OS is Window-CE, but it's interface is
proprietory.  You cannot put Linux on it.  You can, however use BrlTTY
with a PC running Linux.  Sorry, but that's the story.

Ann P.

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