fc3 disc check fails

John McCann lists at jamsite.us
Sun Feb 27 14:45:29 EST 2005

Hi folks:

For what it's worth, I just came home, and have vaerified that disk one has 
been successfully downloaded such that it can be placed on my FTP site. The 
disks now have a date of 02/22/2005. Maybe the 02/19/2005 set had a 
defective or problematic disk one all along.

Let's hope I can get the whole 02/22/2005 set at this crawl speed without 
them changing the release during the pendancy of my retrieving them.


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Subject: fc3 disc check fails

Hi, I've downloaded the discs from linux-speakup.org, and ftp.jamsite.us, 
and when running the test it fails.  any ideas guys?  thanks
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