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David Bruzos david at
Fri Feb 25 10:37:05 EST 2005

Hi there:
I also have a DVD/CD burner and cdrecord works with both formats equaly well.  cdrecord can seem hard to use at first, but 
in practice is very simple.  You must create an ISO image first using "mkisofs" and then burn it to CD.
Here are some examples:
Lets say that you have a directory called my-disc that contains a bunch of files.  To burn it to cd, you would do:
1. Make the ISO image:
	$ mkisofs -vrJ -o my_file.iso my-disc/
	Now, you are ready  to burn the my_file.iso image you just created.

2. Burn the ISO with cdrecord:
	$ cdrecord -v dev=/dev/hdc my_file.iso
	You are done!

Notice that /dev/hdc is the path to my cdrw/dvdrw device, on your system it might be /dev/hdd or something else.  If you 
are using a 2.4.x kernel, it will be a SCSI device such as, dev=0,0,0 or, dev=0,0,1.  Try the fallowing command if you do 
not know what kernel version you have:
$ uname -r

To make an audio cd you can do:

$ cdrecord -v dev=/dev/hdc *.wav
You have to to this in a directory that contains audio (wave) files.  To rip cd's you can use a program "cdparanoia".

CDrecord has many options to do all kinds of cool stuff, so you should probably take a look at its man page...

For burning dvd's, you can use the same steps as above, but there is a very cool program called "growisofs" that makes the 
task much easier.  It can burn DVD's on the fly and it allows you to add to an already burned disc, thus the name of the 
program (grow-iso-fs).  Take a look at its man page.

Hope this helps!

David Bruzos

On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 05:30:10PM -0700, Beth Hatch wrote:
> Hello all,
> Now that my Linux system is talking properly, I am wondering if someone
> could recommend software for burning CDS and DVDS.  My Linux computer has a
> combination CD and DVD burner unit.  I have heard that Nero makes a Linux
> version but I don't know if it is a graphical or a console program.  Any
> information on what software would work with Speakup would be greatly
> appreciated!!
> Thanks,
> Beth 
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