Any alternate download sites for speakup ftp?

John McCann lists at
Thu Feb 24 16:43:56 EST 2005

Hi Al:

You wrote:

"For some reason, the speakup ftp server is severely slow.  I am using 
broadband, Comcast to be exact, and each disk is taking 15 to 20 hours to 

Tell me about it! I had that same experience over the President's day 
weekend; i.e., last weekend when I downloaded the 02/19/2005 set of four 

And you continue:

"Is there any alternate way to get these files, either from another server, 
a torrent, etc?"

I've put them on my FTP server, and would love to know what kind of download 
speeds one gets when taking them from my site.

Go to:

and give it a try. If you do, would you please respond (on or off list) with 
a report on the transfer rate?



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