gpg signing only part of a message

Toby Fisher toby at
Wed Feb 23 08:19:59 EST 2005

From: "Lorenzo Taylor" <lorenzo at>
To: "Speakup" <speakup at>
Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2005 2:06 AM
Subject: gpg signing only part of a message

> Is it possible to sign only part of a message in Mutt, either a selected 
> part of
> the message or signing a specific attachment but not the entire message? 
> I
> thought I saw this done somewhere.

You can't sign part of a message as such, i.e. only sign part of the text, 
that'd be like only signing a piece of a document, you can't really do it. 
However, of course you can just sign an attachment using gpg, just do this 
from the command line before you attach the file.



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