Linux Finally Working!!

Janina Sajka janina at
Tue Feb 22 10:07:15 EST 2005

Good luck with those exams, Beth.

Now, stop reading mail and go study! <big grin>

Beth Hatch writes:
> Hi all,
>     Finally, Linux is running on my home machine!!<smile>  Janina, you were
> right.  Because I have had multiple versions of the 2.6 kernel on this
> machine, I needed to type in the entire kernel name of course.  I also had
> to make sure to put the img specification at the end of the first reference
> to the kernel.  After this was done, everything has been talking on
> bootup!!!  Thanks to Kenny Hitt for his help on this and to everyone who had
> responded to my queries publicly and privately.  Now it's on to the info and
> the man pages and my final exam in Linux next week.
>     Thanks again for your assistance,
> Beth
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