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Mon Feb 21 16:37:31 EST 2005

Hi Tyler -- hmm -- that's weird -- actually have you tried straight yahoo 
rather than yahoogroups?  Or do you mean the same thing?
Anyway, on yahoo, if you have the pop3 access (which is what I assume you 
want) you can turn off spam blocking from the mail options page from one of 
the many links under mail options -- I think it is security or filtering or 
I think the package is called "mailPlus" or something like that -- it is the 
cheapest level of paid yahoo mail service which provides pop access and also 
reading mail from up to 5 accounts plus smtp for reading mail from yahoo and 
2 gigs of storage, but you don't have a domain or anything else.
Anyway, I got it a long time ago and frankly hardly ever use it as it 
doesn't do all i want, but I don't like yahoo for a couple of reasons anyway 
and so am hesitant to upgrade my service, although you do get some 
interesting stuff, but they assume you want to run a business with that 
I do get a tiny bit of email there so still read from it, but you know if I 
set it to read from my home email address on roadrunner, then I can't just 
connect to yahoo directly and read my home email -- I have to first go to 
the yahoo site and log in and mechanically read my home email then log off 
and go back to outlook express and then connect and read from yahoo, which 
is ridiculous.  Yhaoo doesn't check periodically. But that would not be a 
great idea either -- I was just testing out what it would do.
Take care.
Oh, and your new email addy is interesting -- I'm trying to figure out how 
you got "tspivey" -- well the t is understandable...
Oh, and canadian dollars last I checked were less in value than the US 
dollars, or has that changed lately?
In any case, when you say $29 in the US but $50 in canadian, that sounds 
turned around. Sorry if I'm confused.  Perhaps I should go to the site and 
Take care.

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Does anyone have any suggestions on inexpensive, reliable email
services? I want an email address that will stay with me if I change
isps, or have no internet access at home (which is the case now). I've
gone through about 5 free email services that just don't fit the bill -
block certain addresses, (e.g. yahoogroups), flaky smtp servers (or none
at all!) or total unreliability. Something that costs $29.95/year (e.g.
Runbox) seems promising until you convert to Canadian dollars, which
will run up to about $50.
This one seems to work, but I don't want to find myself changing emails
Thanks in advance,

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