Software synthesisers

mikster4 at mikster4 at
Sun Feb 20 16:42:29 EST 2005

Some people have been saying about software synthesisers on a bootable CD, 
well it is possible, as oralux ( shows. This does not use 
speakup, but it uses YASR and Emacspeak. I don't think there is much space 
left on the CDs for other apps, so probably will never find its way into the 
usual distributions, but it may be possible to do it with disks that do 
installation from the internet, e.g. gentoo.

While on the topic of software synthesisers. I am using speakup with 
speechd_up, and find that the speech seems to become broken up at times. I 
don't remember it happening when I used slackware, but since I have moved to 
using gentoo the problem seems to have arisen. I don't know what is actually 
causing the problem, but it is happening somewhere between speakup outputing 
and speech dispatcher recieving. This makes me believe it could be 
speechd_up. Also I am using a kernel I have customised, so it might be 
something in there. Any suggestions would be useful.


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