How do you silence speakup on a laptop?

Michael Whapples Mikster4 at
Thu Feb 17 15:46:51 EST 2005

I had not heard of laptop key commands for speakup, but I am new to it. On 
my laptop using the standard keymap, I have to use the numpad modifier (next 
to the left control key for me) and the enter.
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Subject: How do you silence speakup on a laptop?

> According to the speakup help it looks like the laptop command for speakup
> keypad enter is control+enter.  However, this only causes speakup to catch 
> up to
> the current screen.  I want to have it like on my desktop where it's 
> silent
> until I issue another speakup reading command or type another command to
> execute.   This is speakup 2.00 cvs from Apr 14.
> Sean
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