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Others may disagree, but I cannot countenance any ISP blocking ports on
my account. I would regard this as a kind of denail of service and take
my money to an isp that didn't engage in such parental practices.

So, I will sing the praises of my isp, Speakeasy: No blocking, outbound or in. National service,
dialup and DSL. Never a problem, in the years I've been a customer.

As a matter of fact, I usually forget I even have an isp, until I see
the charges in my monthly statement. That's my yardstick for judging an

Speakeasy doesn't care if you run a server--in fact they encourage you
to do it. Want to resell your broadband to your neighbors over wireless?
They encourage that too.

So, with posts such as we've had the last few days, I have to ask: Is
your isp cheating you?

Steve Holmes writes:
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> Speaking of port blockage, I know of at least three ISP's in my area
> that do this; more specifically, they intercept all traffic on port 25
> and if it isn't destined to their own mail server, it gets bounced
> back as undeliverable.  They even include a specific message telling
> you that it must be sent through their MTA.  Cox high speed internet,
> the only high speed internet provider in my immediate area does this.
> I have several linux and windows machines at my house on a LAN, they
> all route mail to my internal mail host which runx Exim and I have
> Exim configured to smart host all outgoing mail to Cox and it all
> works well so far.  Cox blocks even more inbound ports - namely FTP,
> HTTP, Telnet and 25 SMTP.  They don't seem to block ssh port 22 though:).
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