Modifying Red Hat Install Kernel

Trevor Astrope astrope at
Thu Feb 17 10:27:37 EST 2005


I've rebuilt the Red Hat Enterprise 3 kernel rpm's to use on my 
workstation at work. I built speakup and the drivers all as modules. The 
problem is that the kernel-BOOT rpm doesn't include the speakup modules 
and when I rebuild the anaconda installer, the kernel on the install cd 
doesn't have the speakup modules either.

Does anyone know what I need to do to get a speakup enabled kernel in the
install cd? Bill, if you're reading this, can you give me some tips? The
rhel 3 distro is essentially rh 9, so if you or anyone else has any
experience with modifying rh 9, I'd appreciate any help you could provide.

Thanks in advance,


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