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Wed Feb 16 19:31:01 EST 2005

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> Hi Janina-and-All:  Speaking of pine and spam, will spam asassin also work 
> on messages in usenet news groups?  ESPECIALLY WHEN the same miserable 
> messages are posted to many of the groups I read.

There is software to do a similar job, however unless you are running your 
own news server/proxy, such as Leafnode, inn etc, it won't do you much good. 
The best thing to do is use something other than Pine for newsgroup reading 
(the filtering rules are a bit complex in Pine imho) and use the killfile 
facility.  For some time I used Slrn with quite good results.  If you don't 
use an nntp server, you'll also need slrnpull to get the news in the first 



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