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How big a machine must you have to run MailScanner on? I unfortunately
use a '486 for my inside local area mail host.  It works fine for just
tossing and smart hosting mail but when I ran Spam Assassin on it, it
went down on its knees and took over a minute to process one e-mail!
It owuld have never kept up at that rate:).

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 09:00:14AM -0700, Dawes, Stephen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I use MailScanner to filter out all spam virus and other dangerous mail.
> MailScanner, and the m of mail and the s of scanner are in uppercase, is
> quite easy to install. It interfaces with a number of AV and anti-spam
> programs.
> Check it out at:
> Other things that I like about MailScanner:
> -> that there is a good group on the mail list and they are vary helpful
> in helping with problems.
> -> it is easy to configure additional personal rules and other filters.
> -> it keeps the spam filters and AV dat files up-to-date automatically.
> -> you can have all message in HTML format automatically converted into
> text. 
> 'and these are but a few of the many features of MailScanner.
> NOW, before you go-off and say that there are no virus on Linux, it
> doesn't matter. Because regardless of whether there are viruses on Linux
> or not, it is the message transporting the virus that is intercepted and
> immediately removed preventing it from being accidentally or otherwise
> spread to others that can be affected by virus.
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