How do I get speakup and brltty to live happily on the same system with hardware synthesis

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Wed Feb 16 15:34:26 EST 2005

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You can also have the text console beep when the system is ready for
you to login, by putting a control g in /etc/issue. So, the login beep
isn't limited to gdm only.


On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 03:21:08PM -0500, Janina Sajka wrote:
> You might also want to put a switch on your serial port, so that you can
> select your synth or your braille display without having always to
> rewire them.
> When you do this kind of setup, you simply do your initialization by
> hand, possibly from scripts that you keep to expedite the task.
> And, you might want to put little beeps and bleeps in key files to help
> you along in the process, if you're booting without speech/braille. For
> example, on my Fedora boxes, I put the following in my /etc/rc.local:
> aplay /boot/boot.wav
> I find this helpful for letting me know when the bootup process is about
> finished, and the system is ready for me to login.
> With Gnome, it's possible to have gdm beep when the graphical dialog
> comes up. So, I do both.

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