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Wed Feb 16 11:58:22 EST 2005

No, I don't understand this.

With a connection to the Internet, your own smtp agent can direct mail
wherever it determines is the next delivery relay. That's the meaning of
having your mta configured and working for smtp. Whether or not it's
advisable in your circumstances, depends on your circumstances. In my
case, I'm fulfilling that function for myself, and when I'm on the road,
I authenticate with my home server for this service.

But, you don't need your ISP to play smtp for you. That's your
choice--unless they're blocking outbound packets from your machine. If
they're doing that, dump them and get someone who doesn't do that. If
they're blocking outbound traffic, you'll have all kinds of trouble with
them forever. It may be mail today, it will be something else tomorrow,
and then something still beyond tomorrow.

randy turner writes:
> but even with sendmail i still have to go through my isp,
> as long as i recieve mail first i am ok,
> thanks
> randy
> On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, Janina Sajka wrote:
> >So, case in point? No?
> >
> >Why rely on the ISP to send your mail? Get that sendmail, or exim, or
> >whatever, working and use it.
> >
> >Sorry if I dived in here late and missed something salient.
> >
> >Adam Myrow writes:
> >>On Tue, 15 Feb 2005, randy turner wrote:
> >>
> >>>well i have to run get-mail first,
> >>>then pine will send the message like it should
> >>>does this give any one any ideas?
> >>
> >>It's a feature of your ISP which forces you to authenticate with your POP
> >>server, and then, it will let you send mail for a limited time.  I think
> >>it's some sort of anti-spam measure, and unfortunately, there's not much
> >>you can do about it except always check your mail right before you send,
> >>or get another ISP.
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