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And, you don't want to do that, else you, yourself become a spammer.

Chuck Hallenbeck writes:
> If you have a dynamic IP address and attempt to send mail directly from
> your own system instead of going through your ISP, you will run into a
> surprising number of recipients who will refuse your mail in the belief
> that you are a spammer. Also, the default sendmail configuration
> nowadays disallows relaying. i.e., outsiders cannot use your sendmail
> to relay mail through you and your ISP to the world. With your own port
> 25 open, mail coming to you is accepted, but mail intended for others
> is not. To change that feature you have to select "promiscuous"
> relaying.
> Chuck
> On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, Sean McMahon wrote:
> >There's certainly nothing that says you have to send mail through your isp 
> >smtp
> >server.  You can but don't have to do it this way.  Use an mta only if an 
> >mta is
> >necessary.  Be careful about what you allow to access your mta esp. if it 
> >sends
> >mail from your system directly to the internet.  I've never heard of a 
> >system
> >where you have to get your mail before you can send mail.
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