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I'm guessing from what you're saying that you are using Windows. If
so, try either the standard
telnet program as shipped with Windows, or my prefered option, Hyper
Terminal which is also
shipped with Windows. If you need ssh access, try Open SSH for

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And so it came to pass that on Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Ned said

> HI all,
> I just came back from my Unix class and my teacher is getting
> desparate with me. I used pico to write a little paragraph -- which
> went ok until I tried to go back to some words to correct them.
> Because we use putty, I can't focus the cursor on a particular
> letter to -- say -- delete it, and everything got mmessed up. Then
> using VI, Iwas supposed to edit a paragraph of text. After he saw
> what I did, he went speachless. SO tell me, is there any other more
> friendly remote client like telnet or something.
> Plese people, encourage me in these tough times and tell me what to
> do? I appologize for posting a question little off the topic, but
> putty is actually using Unix commands sent to it from the machine
> running it.
> Many thanks in advance good people.
> Ned
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