Setting Dectalk USB to Factory Defaults

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Can you try this on another computer?
It might be the computer's settings that were changed, and not the synth.

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Hi Adam and all,

Thanks for your message.  Yes, Windows does recognize the Dectalk in USB
mode.  This makes the third time that I have updated the firmware.  Just for
grins, I tried updating the firmware, and when I say firmware I mean the bin
file and the flash firmware itself, with the switch on both settings.
Windows recognizes the USB cable, it detects the hardware, but not in Serial
mode with JAWS.  However, when I try to use Speakup and Linux, doing a
modprobe for Dectalk won't find any Dectalk on the system whatsoever.
However, I can remove the Dectalk from the USB port and use Brltty with my
Braille display on the same serial port perfectly.  Since neither Windows
nor Linux will recognize the Dectalk in serial mode, I figure something is
amiss with the Dectalk in serial mode.  I am using the cable that came with
the Dectalk USB.  All worked well on both computers until I ran Gnopernicus
to test the software Festival voice and the Dectalk started spewing forth
lots and lots of garbage for no reason.......

I'll be calling Access Solutions on Monday, I'll probably need to
send the unit in for repair.  My problem now is that while I fix it, I have
no hardware synthesizer and I can't do my Linux homework or my school Linux
exams until I get the Dectalk back or I buy or borrow another synthesizer.
Any suggestions from anyone where I can obtain a used, and inexpensive,
solution for Linux?



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