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Hello Randy,

     Yes, that command will work if you're using the Speakup.s kernel on a floppy. However, if you have access to a normal CD-ROM based installation, here's a quicker and easier way to get the process going. Put the first Slackware CD into your CD-rom drive and boot up your computer. When the disk stops spinning, type:
speakup.s speakup_synth={synth_name}


On Friday, February 11, 2005, 3:19:37 PM, you stood on a roof and loudly proclaimed:

> hi all,
> is the ramdisk command for speakup.s
> the same as it is for speakup.i?
> after the floppy stops i inter this
> "ramdisk speakup_synth=dtlk"
> with the speakup.i that works
> but not with the speakup.s
> thanks in advance.
> randy

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