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I used to use something called localprt.  Does that exist anymore?  Maybe they
could put it on the schools computer.  Short of doing that, yes you can copy the
text, use sftp to retrieve the text. Sftp uses the same commands as ftp, so I
won't go into that option, I believe putty has an sftp client.  From within
putty, do alt-spacebar to go into the application menu, look for select all and
copy.  This will put the text in the clip board.  Then it's the standard paste
command from within your application.  Alternatively, you can use the same
procedure to paste text on to the command line of a putty session.  However,
make sure you aren't getting newlines where you don't want them.  You may have
to physically remove the newlines from the text.  There also may be something in
the properties of putty, under the application menu to change this permenantly.
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Hi all,

I need to type a short article in VI text editor and then print it out using
putty. Other than sending it to one of the printers connected to the school
machine, is there any way I can do, kind of, copy and paste the text from the
output into ... say wordpad? It's not only about this particular task, I'll be
running into this issue constantly from now on.

Many thanks in advance!

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