FC Distributions from the Heidelberg Link

John McCann lists at jamsite.us
Wed Feb 9 21:37:34 EST 2005

Sorry about my immediate previous, folks; don't know why all of it didn't

Here's a retransmission.

Juan Hernandez writes:

I get the images from ftp://ftp.octothorp.org/pub/heidelberg? Also, does the 
dvd image have speakup?

Then Janina writes:

Yes, certainly. You need either the DVD image or the four CD disc iso
images. You do not need both.

And I too always check for the latest versions from the link Juan 
referenced. Now,
do note that the DVD image file is dated 01/08/2005, while the four iso disk
image files are dated 01/28/2005. Unless I'm missing something, the four iso
image disks would give you the absolute latest fedora core distribution.
That having been said, though, I suppose you could use the DVD image disk 
and then use yum to update the system.


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