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Bittorrent is the only network file sharing tool I've used so far and
I mainly use it to get the Slackware ISO images.  Since Slackware 10.1
has just come out, I wanted to get the four CD images for my burning
pleasure.  So far, that is all complete now and I basically want to
keep the torrents up so others can download the fruits of my previous
efforts:).  I haven't taken the time to try other servers yet; I
understand a lot can be had with this.  I like the curses versions of
the torrent utilities, namely and, have a nice looking stable interface where you
can monitor file statuses quite easily with Speakup.  The thing with
BitTorrent, you have to download "torrent files" which instruct which
actual files to pull and what trackers to use.  You really can't
browse Bittorrent swarms like one can apparently do with Gnutella and
Overnet and whatever.

You mentioned the wish to be able to complete file transfers
apparently between different transfer protocols.  I would think that
to be impossible since each protocol does things differently from one
to another.  That's one thing I know for sure about Bittorrent, file
transfers are resumable between Bittorrent connections.  You can start
and stop torrents any number of times.


On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 10:46:18AM -0800, Hart Larry wrote:
> Hi Steve:  Sorry I have not yet tried BitTorrent, is it as friendly as 
> Mutella or even overnet?
> >From the couple of weeks I was running winmx on a laptop--and now running 
> mutella in linux, I sure wish there were a utility to convert the 
> incomplete files among these services?
> I also have versions of soulseak and haggleslag which I have not run yet.
> I especially like mutella as I can select many items from a list at one 
> time, EG "get 1-29.  Overnet will not do this
> Hart
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