Speakup Install on Redhat Enterprise Linux

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Tue Feb 8 13:52:59 EST 2005

Dear Beth:

Bill does the Speakup Modified as a community volunteer. Nobody, most
certainly not Red Hat, pays him one penny for it. So, you should direct
your annoyance at Red Hat.

It would require a special build of the Enterprise installer to speech
enable an installation. However, if you can get it installed, you could
certainly run a Speakup Modified kernel in that environment.

However, wouldn't that break your tight certification requirement? Bill
can't fix that. Only RH can. So, you might want to get some clarity
with your school about this requirement. It strikes me it's rather
artificial. For example, why not run a standard Speakup Modified linux
machine and simply ssh into a RH Enterprise machine for your coursework?
That seems much more logical to me. I can't imagine what complaint a
professor should have about that.

Beth Hatch writes:
> Hi all,
>     Is anyone aware of a  Speakup distribution that would allow me to
> install Redhat Enterprise Linux 3?  I realize installing the precompiled
> Fedora or Debian would be easier, however I need the enterprise Redhat for
> my network certification courses.
>     I have contacted Mr. Bill Acker on this subject via email since what
> I've read says to phone him only on weekends, I will need to wait until then
> to call him.
>     I find it annoying that the Redhat Enterprise Linux will support an
> accessible installation via Brltty but not Speakup.  I got the install to
> work with my BrailleNote 32, but since the Braille kept scrolling off the
> display I couldn't make much sense of the installation to read it properly.
> The Redhat documentation for Redhat Linux, I own the academic version,
> mentions Speakup and Bill as support, but there is nothing about installing
> it.  As a new user, this is rather infuriating.<smile>
>     Any suggestions as to how to resolve this matter would be appreciated,
> I've read everything I can find to no avail.
> Beth
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