Yahoo Messenger with Centericq

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Thu Feb 3 06:15:50 EST 2005

What exactly is centericq?  Is it a program that will allow me to log onto 
multiple messengers in Linux?  I need one of those.

At 01:02 AM 2/3/2005, you wrote:
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>I know, this don't have anything to do with speakup but I (with
>speakup runnint):) am trying to use centericq with yahoo messenger but
>I keep getting the following when it tries to set me up:
>[yahoo] cannot login: username and password mismat
>Now before anyone goes and says my password is wrong, I actually
>rechecked my centericq parms multiple times and actually logged on to
> with the exact same user-ID / password combination
>with no problems.  I have a list of posssible servers and the one I'm
>trying to use right now is and I keep getting
>the above error.  I also tried some other ones they mentioned namely,
>, but no go.
>Anyone out there successfully using yahoo messenger with centericq?
>Thanks for any possible help.
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